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Geriatric Fitness and Mobility

Our philosophy at Sound Animal Rehab & Fitness is that age is just a number, and there are many things we can do to keep our silver-pawed family members fit, active, and living their best life! Geriatric fitness and mobility training is an exercise program designed specifically for your pet to help them maintain or improve their overall physical condition and mobility as they age. Our goal is to maintain or improve the range of motion of arthritic joints, maintain and improve muscle strength, manage acute or chronic pain and provide mental stimulation to keep their minds alert. This program can benefit pets experiencing age-related declines in mobility or fitness or pets with health conditions that impact their mobility, like chronic orthopedic or neurologic conditions, endocrine disease, or heart disease. 

At Sound, we will create an exercise program specifically designed for your senior pet that will include a combination of the following:

  • - Underwater treadmill or land treadmill sessions
  • - Laser therapy for pain and stiffness
  • - Therapeutic massage for pain and stiffness
  • - Heat or cryotherapy before and after exercise
  • - Stretching and targeted muscle strengthening
  • - Obstacle courses of various types to work on body awareness and paw-eye coordination
  • - Senior mental and sensory enrichment activities to stimulate and help keep them sharp and alert
  • - An at-home exercise program with videos and instructions specifically created for your pet

 Dr. McKnight is passionate about our geriatric pets and finds it rewarding to help you keep your sassy silvers living their best lives!

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